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Allstate Critical Illness Insurance

Claims Assistant:

Stacey Martin 

Shiela Marlowe

General Information:

Rhonda Pape


115 East Platt St.

Maquoketa, IA 52060

Phone: 563.652.6813

Fax: 563.652.9736

You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. We invite you to put yourself in Good Hands with Critical Illness insurance from Allstate Benefits. 

This coverage helps offer financial support if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. With the expense of treatment often so high, seeking the treatment you need seems like a heavy financial burden.  But when a diagnosis occurs, what you should be focusing on is getting better. With Allstate Benefits, you gain the power to take control of your health when faced with a covered event.

Here’s How it Works
You select the benefit coverage amount you want based on your individual need and your budget. If you have covered family members, our coverage also provides cash benefits for them. Then, if diagnosed with a covered critical illness, you will receive a cash benefit based on the percentage payable for the condition.  With Allstate Benefits, you gain the power to make treatment decisions without putting your finances at risk.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed Issue coverage, meaning no medical questions to answer at initial enrollment

  • Coverage available for spouse and child(ren)

  • Benefits are paid regardless of any other coverage

  • Premiums are affordable and are conveniently payroll deducted on an after-tax basis

  • Coverage may be continued

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