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Employee Needs

Giving is engrained in our culture, and as many will tell you, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs. In an effort to provide an opportunity to also give a little closer to home in support of our GreenState Credit Union family, an Employee Needs page has been created. If you are, or are aware of, an employee with specific needs ... be it medical donations, financial support, cooking meals, lending a helping hand, emotional support, or adding to your thoughts and prayers, contact HRBenefits with the specific need to be posted.

Due to the sensitive nature and privacy of these needs, all posts must requested and/or approved in writing by the employee with the need, allowing us to retrieve written consent to announce the need.  As we can all appreciate, some staff are private in nature and may choose not to post, or to keep these needs closer to home, and that's 100% OK. These announcements will always be at the employee's discretion.  

See below for our current employee request(s):

Allie Payne

Cricket Schacht

Liliana Tula

Download the Authorization Form to request an announcement be made.

Thank you in advance for visiting this page and for providing support to your GreenState Credit Union family!

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