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Sabbatical Leave

Our Sabbatical Program was introduced on January 2016 and provides both Full- and Part-time staff with a required, paid leave of 4 consecutive weeks out of the office to pursue any activity of their choosing, be it volunteer work, a vacation, learning a new skill, spending time with family, or to simply relax.  The intent of the program is three-fold:

  • To promote a healthy balance between work and home – Time away from work will allow staff to refocus their energies and priorities outside of the workplace.

  • Encourage personal and professional growth – The individual on sabbatical will have time to pursue new skills or refine existing ones, while their absence will create cross-training and learning opportunities within their department or branch.

  • Attract and retain only the best talent – To continue to attract and retain top talent while rewarding staff for their years of dedication to the cooperative.

To learn more about the Guidelines and eligibility of the Sabbatical Leave program, please refer to the Employee Handbook.

Follow the below steps to ensure a successful Sabbatical Experience!

  • Review the Employee Handbook to make sure you qualify for this leave.

  • Review the Sabbatical FAQ's to answer any outstanding questions you may have.

  • Determine when you would like to take your 4 continuous weeks of Sabbatical Leave.

  • Complete a Sabbatical Request Form. *When prompted by the login page, simply click 'Enterprise Sign-in' and you will be automatically sent to the form.

  • Review the Sabbatical Leave Guide to help prepare you for your time away and ensure all bases are covered.

  • Contact HRBenefits staff with any follow-up questions

  • Have fun!

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