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Wellness Resources

Walking Club

To reward getting up and moving, we have a 'Walking Club' where you can utilize our Walking Cards to track any 15-minute increments of movement. Our cards are now digital, and should be easy to complete on your computer, and or print and hang as a reminder in your workspace.


We welcome you to submit as many completed cards as you can! Winners of the Walking Club will receive a $25 Gift Card to Amazon!

Standing Work Stations

Standing desks are a hot trend, and their possible benefits have been widely publicized, including improved health and productivity. In the same breath, standing workstations may not be for everyone … including people with health conditions that could be aggravated by prolonged standing, or cause stress to the joints. While standing desks may not be for everyone, we recognize the benefits of mobility and, as such, have the following guidelines in place.

Blood Pressure Check

For more information on what is considered normal blood pressure, please click here for a reference chart. 

Quitline Iowa

Quitline Iowa is a great resource for staff as it is a free online service that provides you with tools, a support team of coaches and a community of others trying to become tobacco free.  Click here to review a handout with contact information to call or log-on today.

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