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Employee & Family Resources

Life happens.  EAP is here to help!

Through a partnership with Employee & Family Resources (EFR), GreenState offers free and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) resources for all staff and household members for any reason or any stressors, be it work or home related.

If there are events or situations in your life that have you feeling unsettled, our EAP program is a great resource allowing for open conversations with counselors to provide support.  Through this dialog, counselors can help you with understanding the moment of time that you are in, understanding reactions, validating responses and providing stress management tools and resources.

The cost of initial assessments and short-term counseling is covered by the Credit Union.  Through GreenState's program, staff are allows up to 6 free sessions per issue per year of in-person counseling with a licensed mental health therapist near your home or work.  Each family member is eligible.  The EAP is just a phone call or click away!

To learn more about the Employee Assistance Program, review this Benefits Summary document.

EFR aims to provide easily accessible and high quality tools and resources to individuals and families.  Visit the EFR website to review the resources available that support and enhance the health and well being of individuals and families to address issues of depression, anxiety, addiction, family or marital conflict, and/or other concerns that impact daily functioning and quality of life for all members of our community.


Reach out via Phone:  1-800-327-4692

Sometimes having the strength to pick up the phone and make the call can be one of the most difficult steps.  But you'll be glad you did!   Click on this link to learn more about what to expect when calling EAP:

Visit the Website:

  • Anytime you encounter a log-in indicator on the website, please enter GreenState Credit Union to indicate your employee relationship.

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