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We all go through tough times.  Togetherall is a free, online support community where members can connect with others to understand what they're going through.  The community is anonymous and  moderated by mental health professionals 24/7, ensuring that everyone is safe and welcome, with no judgement and no stigma.


Togetherall is a place for you to get support with whatever you're going through with no referral needed, allowing individuals a safe space to share their challenges and find support. 


Through Togetherall, you can post about your experiences in a community forum, comment on posts of others, or just gain comfort from reading the experiences of others.  In addition, participants can:

  • Join smaller spaces called "Groups" dedicated to specific topics and identities.

  • Take self assessment and courses to see where you're at and make progress towards your goals.

  • Read well-being articles to learn more about your physical and emotional health.

  • Express yourself creatively through are by creating a "brick" - a drawing or doodle that is created and posted to the platform.

Togetherall's clinical team helps keep the platform safe by:

  • Monitoring the platform 24/7 to review, moderate, and intervene if necessary.

  • Providing customized local resources to members if they need it.

  • Being an advocate if a member needs immediate assistance.

Check out this webinar with all the details about this new program and to get your questions answered:  Togetherall Webinar

How to Register

To begin, access the Registration page on our Employee and Family Resource, EFR's, website:

Select "I'd like to search for my organization", and then begin typing "GreenState" and "GreenState Credit Union will populate for you to select:

Then follow the prompts to create your account.  (Be sure to select a username that will keep your identity anonymous.)

Ongoing Access

Once your account has been created, you can now regularly access your account with your personal log-in and password at  

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