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Financial Hardship

As employees of GreenState, we are not immune to the tough economic times that we find ourselves in.  And for those of us are regularly serving our members, the stakes are raised even higher in terms of financial accountability, due to the position of trust in handling member's funds and access to their financial information.   (For more information about these standards, check out the Employee Accounts Policy (MA-420) located on the Knowledge Base.)

Should you find your that your finances have turned upside-down, and you are longer able to effectively make ends meet, it is important that you stay in close communication with Audit and HR regarding your financial status and steps being taken to resolve.


The Credit Union’s Employee Accounts policy (MA-420) states “An overdraft resulting in a returned item will not be tolerated on employees' checking or savings accounts. A violation will be cause for corrective action up to and including termination.


The Credit Union's Employee Accounts Policy (MA-420) states, "Except under extraordinary circumstances, past due employee loan accounts including credit cards, are not acceptable and will result in possible restrictions and/or corrective action up to and including termination.  Extraordinary circumstances will be determined by the VP/Human Resources and the SVP/Account Resolutions.  Employees experiencing difficulties are encouraged to proactively contact the VP/Human Resources prior to their loan or credit card account becoming delinquent.”


Employees who are considering filing bankruptcy or have already done so are encouraged to proactively contact the VP/Human Resources to confidentially discuss your financial situation.

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