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GreenState Financial Resources

From rainy day savings plans, to auto transfers, to financial planning resources ... GreenState provides many financial tools and resources to support you both today and in your future.  Talk to an ACE team member today to learn more!

Financial Education

  • MoneyRight offers free articles as well as online courses to teach about budgeting, avoiding debt pitfalls, life stage financial planning, and saving for the future.  This is free for members, and that means you.  

  • SavvyMoney is the service that shares your credit score with you when you log in to GreenState online banking.  But it does a lot more than that. It teaches you how to understand your score, improve your score, and even set goals.   Remember, a higher credit score allows you to borrow at a lower rate.  For example, a $25,000 car loan could be over $1,000 cheaper in interest expense over the life of a loan for a B credit rating vs a C credit rating.

  • Automatic Bill Payments - with busy lives and schedules it's easy to forget to pay some bills on time and late fees can be costly.  Automatic payments also save you time!

  • ACE team members can sit with you and review your debt situation to try and find ways to restructure your debt and save money.  They do this all day long, so they are quite good at it.  What’s the harm in meeting to review your debts and deposits?

Savings Tools

  • Rainy Day Savings - One of the best ways to build financial security is to have enough in savings to handle emergencies that may come your way.  GreenState's Rainy Day Savings account makes building an emergency savings fund easy.  

    • Option 1 - Automatic Transfer from Checking:  2% of every deposit into your checking account will automatically transfer to your Rainy Day Savings​

    • Option 2 - Debit Card Round-up:  Every time you use your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and transferred to your Rainy Day Savings.

  • Auto Transfer - Pay yourself first.  You can set-up an auto transfer in online banking to move a little into savings monthly on any date that you select.  It will not take long before a savings is built up.  And when you build it to $1000 or more, you can always move that into a CD to elevate your earnings even more!​

  • Credit instead of debit or cash - If you feel disciplined enough, use your GreenState Credit Card instead of debit or cash and pay it off monthly.  If the average household spends $20,000 annually using debit cards or cash, they could be earning $400 extra per year just by using a credit card.

  • Perks - take advantage of discount opportunities highlighted on the Corporate Discounts page of the GreenState Benefits Portal (e.g.: Verizon phone discount)

Credit Reports

  • Take advantage of your opportunities to pull annual credit reports at  You are eligible for one free report from each credit bureau (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), and can get one sent every four most so that you can see activity or if you have concerns.  If you set it up, for example, to receive a TransUnion report in January, and Experian report in May, and then Equifax in September, you would have three free rolling credit reports throughout the year.

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