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Financial Health and Resources

Attaining a life well-lived can be harder than it seems.

When we think about health and well-being, it's natural to consider the physical, mental, and emotional aspects.  But there's one aspect of well-being that wasn't necessarily associated with the topic of wellness a decade ago, and that is financial wellness.

Financial wellness is a relative measure of how well a person manages their financial life. As your financial wellness increases, so should your quality of life.

Like any other aspect of well-being, financial wellness is holistic and unique.  Financial wellness will look different for everyone. For example, many baby boomers are on the cusp of retirement, while Gen X may be in the thick of their careers, and Millennials and Gen Z are likely just beginning their journey to attain financial wellness.  

To examine your financial wellness, start with these considerations:

  • Are you prepared for an emergency?

  • What's your attitude towards money?  How does talking or thinking about money make you feel?

  • Do you have short- and long-term financial goals?

  • Do you have a budget?  Do you stick to it?

  • What's your retirement plan?

Just like every other aspect of life, everyone's financial journey is different.  But one thing is undeniable: everyone deserves to feel financially secure.  And financial wellness, or lack thereof, oftentimes can and does have a direct impact on other areas of well-being including mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

When it comes to improving your financial health, identifying your needs and seeking resources are the best first steps that you can take. If struggling with your financial health, you may not be able to change things overnight, but having a plan of action can help you feel more in control and better position you for the futureRegardless of where you are on your journey, start by setting small goals.  Over time these goals can snowball into significant milestones.

GreenState offers a wide range of financial resources to support you and your family.  Be sure to check them out today!  

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