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Full Purpose FSA (FPFSA)

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The Full Purpose Health Care FSA (FPFSA) reimburses you for certain eligible expenses that aren’t paid in full or covered under your medical, dental and/or vision care programs.


You can claim expenses for:

  • yourself

  • your spouse

  • your dependent children

  • any other person you can claim as a dependent for federal income tax purposes (without regard to their gross income)


You do not have to cover your dependents under the medical, dental and vision plans to use the FPFSA for their eligible expenses. Similarly, you do not have to enroll in health care coverage to use this account. The full amount you elect for a plan year is available to you on January 1 of that year. In other words, you can be reimbursed for eligible expenses before sufficient funds to pay for them have accumulated in your account. 


Considerations for Participation:

  • ​Will you have any expenses not covered by any health care plan?

  • Do you anticipate any health care expenses higher than the maximum plan benefits?

  • Do you have dependents living with you who are eligible for coverage under the medical, dental, and vision plans but who are considered dependents for tax purposes?


Take the guesswork out of FSA contributions. Utilize Wex's FSA Calculator to help you crunch the numbers and determine the amount of money you should set aside from each paycheck and the amount of savings you’ll get back in return.


Some examples of eligible expenses that can be reimbursed are:

  • Medical, dental and vision deductibles

  • Copayments and co-insurance

  • Eyewear expenses not covered under your vision plan

  • Amounts in excess of reasonable and customary limits


Note: Over-the-counter medicines can be reimbursed only if purchased with a doctor’s prescription.


Some expenses are not eligible for reimbursement through the FPFSA.  Ineligible expenses include:

  • Premiums for Medicare, COBRA or other insurance plans, fees for health clubs or gyms and cosmetic treatments.

  • Medical or dental expenses that have been reimbursed by any other plan or policy or that you claim as health care deductions on your federal income tax return.


For a comprehensive list of eligible expenses click here.


Getting Reimbursed

You can get reimbursed from your FPFSA by using the Wex debit card or by filing claims online on the Wex website.

To file a claim in your online account, watch this video tutorial.

To file a claim in the Benefit Mobile App, watch this video tutorial.


To use your Benefits Debit Card to automatically withdraw from your Medical FSA, check out this video tutorial to learn more.

If you enroll in the FPFSA , you will receive debit card that you can use to pay for eligible services and products. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your reimbursement account, so there are fewer out-of-pocket costs and no need to submit a claim form and wait to be reimbursed.


Have leftover funds to spend before the year is through?

Log onto today to purchase qualified items.

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