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Substantiating Transactions

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In some cases, purchases made on your Wex Debit Card will require verification to ensure the the expense on which the FSA dollars were used is, in fact, an eligible expense.  The IRS requires all transactions that use FSA dollars be substantiated so if you receive a letter from Wex requesting additional documentation on a recent transaction, make sure to respond to avoid any future penalties.


There are several ways to submit the necessary documentation to substantiate your claims.  Review the Guide to Substantiating Debit Card Transactions for additional information on the process.

**Enrolled in the Limited Purpose FSA and HSA?**

If substantiation is requested from Wex, but you fail to submit the requested documentation, the FSA dollars you intended to use will not be touched and the transaction will be paid out of your HSA dollars. Visit the Health Care Debit Card page to better understand when and why documentation is needed in some instances, but not in others.     

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