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Prescription Drugs





MedOne, a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, provides prescription coverage for all staff that elect health benefits.    

MedOne and Wellmark coordinate coverage, so anything paid towards prescriptions accumulates towards the out-of-pocket maximum on the HDHP Plan. The PPO Plan continues to have a separate out-of-pocket maximum for prescription drugs. 


Staff will receive a separate MedOne ID card for pharmacy coverage which will need to be presented to the pharmacist.  

Check out the below documents for more information regarding MedOne prescriptions

And if looking to spend less, not more on prescriptions, check out these two documents:

What is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager?

  • Sometimes referred to as a PBM

  • Companies that manage Prescription Drug Benefits.

  • PBM’s play a large behind-the-scenes role in making sure costs are kept low and access is high.

Once you receive your new MedOne ID card, you can register on the member portal

  1. Go to

  2. On the right-hand side, click Member Portal

  3. At the bottom of the page, click “Register here to access your account”

  4. Enter the information requested. The Group Number and Member ID can be found on your pharmacy ID card.

  5. Click “Register”

  6. You will then be prompted to open the confirmation email and follow the link provided.

  7. Enter your log-in credentials and proceed to your account.

Need Assistance with one of your prescriptions?

  • Reach out to MedOne's Member Advocate Team to assist at 888-884-6331

  • Member chat service will be available as well through the portal

*New in 2022 - MedOne provides reimbursement for OTC Covid-19 Tests

Utilize MedOne's Rx Price Finder!

  • On the home page of your member portal, you will see options for a Pharmacy Finder and Rx Price Finder. Here you can search your exact prescription to find the most convenient, lowest cost pharmacy in your area!

Interested in Mail-Order Prescriptions?

Visit and follow the steps below:

  1. Read through the notice of privacy practices & terms and conditions, then click “I Agree” and submit

  2. Enter your personal information. The information on your pharmacy ID card will also be needed

  3. Prescriptions: List the medication, last filled date (if available), day supply, prescriber name and phone number

  4. Select whether you would like automatic refills, or to call in when medication is needed

  5. Please note any known allergies or medical conditions

  6. Release of Medical Information

  7. Electronic Signature

  8. Enter payment information

MedOne also offers the RxLocal App which allows you to communicate with MedOne using their built-in messenger and manage your Mail Order Prescriptions.

  1. Search RxLocal on your App Store and click “Get”

  2. Select “Register for an Account Now”

  3. Select the state “Iowa” and city of “Dubuque”

  4. Choose “MedOne Pharmacy Services”

  5. Read and Accept Terms of Use

  6. Input Last Name, Rx Number, and Date of Birth

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